Private Sector/NGO/INGO in Bangladesh, other than UN Agencies

Work/Employment Visa: (In any Private Sector/NGO/INGO in Bangladesh, other than UN Agencies) i. Passport with a validity of minimum 01year (Minimum two blank pages in the passport) ii. Copy of passport. iii. Copy of ID/Iqama iv. Two copies of passport size photograph v. Work permit from BIDA/BEPZA of Bangladesh vi. NOC/Recommendation from NGO Bureau of Bangladesh. vii. Appointment letter from the Organization in Bangladesh. (Clearly mentioning the name, passport number and nationality of the applicant). viii. Copy of agreement/contract between the applicant and employers in Bangladesh. ix. NOC/Recommendation letter from the Ministry of Foreign Affairs, Bangladesh Only for those who are travelling Bangladesh to work with any NGO/INGO working in Chittagong Hill Track (CHT) or in Cox’s Bazar District. x. Medical certificate stating that the applicant is medically fit while applying for visa.